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You’ll Want To Return To Ocean Springs…And The Salmagundi Shop!!!!

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, has been a well kept secret for decades. And it’s a good thing that everyone has not yet found this small coastal city across the Bay from Biloxi. Just turning onto Washington Avenue makes me feel at home, even though, I’ve never lived there. It has that feel, that warmth, and then the lovely people you encounter just make you know you are welcome.

Last week, while Bob enjoyed golf in the area, I had the thrill of shopping in Ocean Springs. My first shop to draw me in is always the well known Salmagundi Shop, Inc. located at 922 Washington Avenue. The display windows are eye candy for sure. Then entering the door, and being greeted like you have just returned home, is such a welcome that can’t be better anywhere else. While visiting last week, I had the privilege of meeting Jeannie Stevenson, the owner, and I boldly asked if she would mind if I shared her shop via my blog to all of you. She was gracious and even helped me find the roosters, that had not photographed well on the exterior displays. I know many of us are enjoying roosters this year. Let me tell you that Jeannie’s shop has a great selection of ones, that were unique and unlike ones I had seen this year.

It’s WOW time again over at Kim’s, and I’m linking again to her fun time where we share our ideas and hints.

See y’all there.  http://savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/

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12 Responses to You’ll Want To Return To Ocean Springs…And The Salmagundi Shop!!!!

  1. Well I must go, if there are roosters, I should be there. Thanks Helen for sharing.

    • Debbie you know I thought about you when I saw those red, white, and black roosters. If you missed them, look again and find those colors and click to enlarge that photo. It has a pair of roosters and they are outstanding as far as roosters can go! :) As always, thanks, Debbie, for the NEWBIE party!

  2. Helen, Can ahrdly believe you were in my neck of the woods. Live just up the road a couple of hours which is really not far! I am with you and love, love, love Ocean Springs! everyone needs to plan a visit!

    • Deborah, it is a neat place for sure. Lots to see there. Washington Avenue has many shops featuring local artists. It’s great that the town has rebuilt since Katrina, too! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. HI Helen! Oh, what a wonderful place! I would love to have been there with you – and Roosters!! Woo Hoo! You know how I love that!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • The shop is great and so is the town! Much to see and enjoy in that area! Glad you saw the roosters…I know how much you like them! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Helen, thank you for visiting my little blog….yes country roads are welcoming….love living in the mountains. I am your newest follower.

    Blessings, Audrey

    • Audrey, you’re very welcome…I really enjoyed it! Living on a mountain was a life long dream, and we’re very lucky that it’s near a city with a great art district and other entertainment, too. It’s great to have you follow me. Thanks!

  5. Hi Helen, I finally found you. I had to google you to get your blog address. Thanks for visiting and following. I’m your newest follower, too. Ocean Springs looks like a wonderful place to shop. It was nice of the owener to let you photograph and blog about her shop.
    Thanks for stooping by.

    • Hi Babs, glad you found me. I usually click on the bloggers name in their message and it works. You’re welcome and thanks for visiting and following mine, too.

  6. Thanks so much for visiting my blog – I am now your newest follower. :-) And yes, I was talking about Ocean Springs, MS. I am a Mississippi girl and we used to live Ocean Springs, but we lost our home in Katrina. We rebuilt and then sold our home and moved to Mobile, AL. I still work in the Ocean Springs area. It is wonderful!!! I love Salmagundi, Art and Soul, Phoenicia Gourmet (you have to eat there!!) and all of the other precious stores!

    Also, if you love Ocean Springs then I am sure you would adore Fairhope, AL. Have you visited this sweet town yet?

    • Yes, we used to live in Pascagoula and Gautier ages ago. We love the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Fairhope is lovely, too. Great area. I’ll send you an email. Hope you get at chance to read my post about the Salmagundi Shop.. It’s been my favorite for decades!!!! The best!

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