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Decorating Corner China Cabinets

diningroomjan2014chinacab1aopenDecorating with corner china cabinets was more of a challenge than I ever could have imagined. Perhaps it was due in large part to the fact, that I love china of different shapes, colors, and sizes. In truth I love it more than I use it. The beauty of different styles fascinates me. How about you…are you one, who loves to have several patterns of china?

Bob and I were shopping in an old antique shop a few years ago. Actually, we had hoped to sell our dining room furniture to the shop. Instead we ended up with two old Thomasville corner china cabinets in mahogany the seller believed they were from around 1940. We loved the broken pediment top and the corner style was perfect for our dining room. We needed to allow room for the sideboard/server we would soon locate while shopping on the famous, “450 Mile Yard Sale” …yes, I must confess, I love the search and love finding unique pieces.

You would think as frequently as I’ve had to rearrange for more plates, Fostoria glasses, etc., that I would have figured out where the plates with the largest design, my beloved magnolia that is… should look the best. Not until I was there in front of those two cabinets did it become very clear. Now, I’m thinking anyone else would have had an aha moment before I did. Yes, the plates I found in a shop, in Marietta, Georgia, were the must have all of them that day. There was not a thought of I’ll be back later. And you know who rolled his eyes when he saw them. In both cabinets they are almost hidden behind the Fostoria on the top shelf. Soon that will be changed…they will be on the outside edge of each shelf.
The Jamestown Amber Fostoria is on the top shelf of each cabinet were wedding gifts. And each cabinet, also has the clear Fostoria American pattern, that belonged to Bob’s parents.

Notice that the cabinet above has different items, yet they are not identical in displays. The one at the top of the page has a double arm Fostoria American candle holder. The one in the photo above this paragraph has a clear Fostoria cruet.

And there you see those beautiful magnolia plates with only the tips of the leaves. Those are moving very soon…just know they will be gorgeous to view on each ends. Here’s a close up look.


The bottom shelf in each cabinet has the gorgeous Syracuse salad plate set. The Syracuse company closed many years ago and I originally found the salad plates in a resale shop. They are sometimes on Ebay for a reasonable price. Ironically, Syracuse’s Yorktown pattern is the fine china we received as wedding gifts. It is often seen on Ebay.

Are you wondering if I would want corner cabinets again? I surely would love to have them again…love the uniqueness of them, even if a bit harder to arrange.

Thanks for visiting. Watch for the update on those magnolia plates.
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14 Responses to Decorating Corner China Cabinets

  1. Hi Helen! Oh, I love your corner china cabinet – always wanted one or two! :) What pretty dishes too. I lvoe seeing inside your lovely home. Show us more.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Shelia, thanks for visiting my dining room…yeah, there are 2 identical corner china cabinets made around 1940 according to the antique shop owner. We were planning to buy new Thomasville after we sold our old dining suite.

  2. Your corner cabinet is beautiful and love the dishes and glassware that are so beautifully displayed.

  3. Helen, your china cabinets are beautiful! Such pretty pieces of furniture and you have them decorated so pretty. The dishes are gorgeous! Specially the Magnolia plates. I am in love with those! :) Enjoy your week!

  4. This is marvelously beautiful, Helen! Gorgeous cabinet and china! I am honored that you shared at Home and Garden Thursday!

    • Kathy, thanks for the lovely compliment on my two corner cabinets. They were rare finds and we have enjoyed them very much. I really enjoy Home and Garden Thursday!

  5. Helen, Both of your corner cabinets just say “Southern Charm” to me. I just love the look that you create through your decorating. I know that your dining room must be very inviting. I, too, love seeing all the pictures. The 450 miles of yard sales sounds like something that I would love to do! Deborah

    • Deborah, Thank you very much for the “Southern Charm” compliments. The “450 Mile Yard Sale is fabulous. People do come from far and wide to shop and/or sell. I’ll soon be making changes in the server area…I think…not rushing into anything!:)

  6. Oh so pretty. I love the cabinets and your china is fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi, Helen! Now I see why you stopped by and commented on my china cabinet display! You’re a china-and-china-cabinet nut too!! LOL. Yes, yes, yes, I do love china, even if I don’t use it often, and yes, yes, yes, I’ve always wanted corner cabinets! Corner cabinets are so traditional and lovely. I’m glad you didn’t pass those up! I’m anxious to see your magnolia dishes!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments! ~Zuni

    • Hi Zuni, Oh my goodness…you are as crazy as I am over china! My husband insisted a few years ago that I must get rid of something/china. So, I got rid of some that I no longer loved. So glad to read that you are excited over the magnolia plates… they are lovely. Fortunately, they do fit well in the groove in each of the china cabinets. I’ll be sure to let you know, when I get those magnolias on the outside edge of the shelves. Hope you enjoy them.


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