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Getting Ready For Fall Gatherings

wwhl12fallWelcome! Hope y’all are feeling excited over the coming month of September. Our family will be celebrating two birthdays about two weeks apart. Surely hope by mid-month we’ll be seeing beautiful and colorful leaves of fall on the trees.

Actually, the first time our REALTOR, Linda, brought me to see our now home, the woods were filled with all the orange, yellow, red, and in between shades of leaves. Bob and I had been shopping in another subdivision about twenty-five miles away and decided we needed to try another area. That fall morning, almost 25 years ago, he was leaving for work at a nearby nuclear plant. Just before he left the temporary apartment, I asked if I found a house that caused “my socks to fall off” would he be able to meet me at the real estate office. He said, yes he thought he would. So, our day began just like that, and then the second house Linda drove to was the one that caught my attention. The acre of heavy woods was gorgeous to see. Yes, even with all those falling leaves, too. Suddenly Linda and I returned to her office and I called Bob. I simply said, “my socks fell off.” Probably 40 minutes later we three were in Linda’s car going to see our new home. Fall has meant a lot to me ever since those days.

Maybe that is one reason, I enjoy making our home ready for the season of colors! Now, think how lovely fall is and all the decorations you have enjoyed buying, making, receiving and sharing with your family and friends. When I shop this season of the year, I remember those days of hope for our new home. It’s little wonder why I enjoy the decor at my favorite shops like Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Ross-Dress-For-Less, Stein Mart, Marshall’s, Kirkland’s, HomeGoods, and World Market.

Notice, your warm welcome into Hobby Lobby, just as I recall their entry for the past 2 years or more. Always new fall merchandise to start getting us ready for the thrill of fall in every way.
Don’t you love the topiary sitting down a bowl? And it’s a good thing that I’m not the person responsible for selecting what any store should buy to sell. It’s lovely wherever you feel it’s perfect for your home and family.

If you are like I am, you might get overwhelmed with the new items and believe me there are many this season. Table runners, centerpieces, pumpkin plates, floral arrangements and tablecloths.


Have fun shopping and planning your season!

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30 Responses to Getting Ready For Fall Gatherings

  1. Hi Helen! Everything is looking beautifully Fall at your home. Even though it’s as hot as you know what here still…I’m beginning to get inspired! Hope you have a great Labor Day holiday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Helen, these are such pretty items! I go to Hobby Lobby and see all of the pretty decor and want to take it all home! I dug my decor out yesterday, trying to get some inspiration, even though it was 103 degrees!

    • Shenita, I’m very glad to see you posting again. I agree, Hobby Lobby does have great decorations year round. Glad to hear you are digging through your decorations, too. Hope it soon cools off for you and that the storms leave our area. Thanks, Helen

  3. Helen, Our house also has lovely trees around it and Fall dresses it in it’s best clothes!! Your comments made me wonder if that’s why I love this upcoming season so much!

    • Zenda, if my comments brought you to wonder if that’s why you love fall…I’m honored. Thanks for sharing your excitement over fall, too. I can be in the pool in July and dread winter! Thanks for visiting and I plan to drop over to visit your blog, too.

  4. Hi Helen! What lovely photos and what a sweet story about your home! It is so hot here and the kids are still not back to school, that I have been having a hard time getting into the fall mood, but your excitement is contagious! I want to skip Staples and school supplies in the morning and go straight to Michael’s instead! Thanks for the colorful inspiration! Hope it’s a lovely fall in your home!

    • Hi Kim, I’m over here wondering if you are at Michael’s yet. My computer has to visit the Geek Squad, and how convenient that it’s in the same center as Hobby Lobby! Keep me informed about your front door, please. I’ll be checking, too.

  5. What a fun story – and I can so relate as I LOVE AUTUMN! The fall foliage is so gorgeous in all the varying places I’ve seen it. Sometimes bright, sometimes muted, but always a joy. Thanks for a fun visit for Anything Blue Friday!

  6. Your post is making me itch into decorating for Fall. Love fall colors, so warm!…Christine

    • Well Christine, I must say that your post is making me wish you were my neighbor. You live in a gorgeous town and I’ve loved visiting it over many years. Your pool party looks like it came out of Southern Living! My pool needs a party table, too. Thanks! Helen

  7. I adore Hobby Lobby! Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a Sunday Showcase feature button for your blog! Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    • Kathryn, You know years ago, I was not thrilled with Hobby Lobby; however, today I cannot drive past one without wanting to stop and check out the latest items. We have 2 in our area and I really get a workout going all over the place a couple of times. Thanks for the Sunday Showcase feature. You know I’d never miss a bash of yours!:) Helen

  8. All your beautiful Fall inspiration makes me want to get busy!!! I won’t be doing much decorating for a while though. With our daughter and her hubby staying with us while their house is being built it is crowded here. The movers took most of their furnishings to storage, but we have a good bit here too, so we have stuff everywhere!!! Too much going on to get the Fall decor out.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. I love fall! Thanks for such fun inspiration!

  10. Fun finds at the craft store! You have a great eye for fall. Congrats on your sunday showcase feature!!

  11. I love Fall colors, those rich and warm earth tones and you have showcased them beautifully here…I love it all your finds, specially the pretty plates!
    Big hugs,

    • Hi Fabby, Thank you for the lovely comments. You know finding beautiful items at Hobby Lobby is never hard. Fabby, I also love plates and have no idea how many patterns I have. Thanks, Helen

  12. What a lovely story, Helen. I often associate times and places with wonderful memorable memories – I can remember the light, the smells and the ambiance of our home when we first saw it and love that time of year too. We’re to get a Hobby Lobby nearby – the closest at this moment is over an hour away – I just can’t wait! LOVE that store -I apreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday. I hope you have a blessed day,

    • Hi Kathy, I still have the video made with the huge and heavy camcorder when we toured our home before or right after we signed the contract. So excited out of our minds. Kathy, just get ready to enjoy Hobby Lobby’s great discount coupons and store discounts that are posted. You’re in for a treat. I always enjoy your Home and Garden Thursday parties. Glad you were here today, too. Helen

      • I look forward to it. Hobby Lobby will still be 30 minutes away – but sometimes I do make a day of it riding into town with Dearest when he goes to work, go to my favorite coffee shop, visit the kids and shop! I remember those huge camcorders! My the things we’ve seen change in our lifetime! Have a blessed day!

        • Kathy, if I were you, I’d be counting the days ’til the grand opening! :) I’m thinking those camcorders put a date on us, too. LOL! Have fun and be sure to post about your first day of showing at your newest Hobby Lobby!

  13. I am obsessed with Hobby Lobby. I truly hope there’s one in heaven. 😉 Thanks for sharing some features from your visit, as I haven’t been in there recently to see all the inspiration.


    • Meredith, I’m with you on the Hobby Lobby obsession for sure. Glad that you enjoyed the features and there’s another post since this one. Just to keep you in touch with HL! Ha! Hope you’ve had time for a trip…I’ll be watching to see your finds! Thanks, Helen

  14. So inspiring! I truly can’t wait for Hobby Lobby to open here! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Kathy, you’re going to have so much fun. Always fun to take a friend along for lunch and shopping. Such fun to see what each person finds first!:)
      Thanks for visiting, Helen

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