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Look At This New Gate Decoration

Hello and welcome to my new gate decoration! For several months, I’ve been changing the decoration on our backyard gate. It would truly be wonderful to be able to tell y’all that it was all my idea to do something like decorating my gate. No, it took the magazine, “Southern Living” to show me the way and after that I was on my way and on my own finding ideas all over the place. First you need to see one of my all time favorites for our gate. It was a great one to have for our fall season as many of our trees had leaves about the color of this decoration featuring a single pumpkin. I love it and hope you do, too!


So, one evening last week, while near Hobby Lobby, I thought it is time to change out the decoration on the gate. I mean we have had it with winter…snow, snow, and more snow! Just had to dash in Hobby Lobby to check it out for a suitable gate “pretty” and had almost given up until I stopped directly in front of this green tree with the bird on it. Ah, and what a deal it was greatly reduced.

Perhaps, this photo of the tree laying in my shopping cart will give you a clue to the width. Once I saw how it appeared on the cart, I knew it was something to take home right away, before someone else grabbed it.


As always, I worry until it’s all set to go on the gate. And the more I see this one on the gate, the more excited I am about having it for an early spring decoration. So there you see how we’re gone from one we were truly excited to have on our gate to some that weren’t our favorites and now again loving this one! Thanks for stopping by.


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29 Responses to Look At This New Gate Decoration

  1. Oh, Helen! The tree is just perfect! What a great find and it looks gorgeous on your gate. I start a new Link party on my blog tomorrow. I am very excited about it. I hope it does well. Why don’t you come link up this beautiful decor? Talk to you soon!

    • Thanks, Maria! Wow! I’m very excited to link to your Link party tomorrow. And thank you very much for the lovely invitation. Hope all my friends will join me there, too. Best wishes, Maria!

  2. I love it! It really does welcome Spring! I don’t think you could have found anything more perfect for your gate……gotta love Hobby Lobby…..they always have just what you are looking for!

    • Hi Glenda, I’m thrilled to read that you like the new gate decoration, too. Hobby Lobby rocks for sure…and on sale is always nice, too. Thanks for leaving me a note!

  3. What a wonderful idea to decorate your gate for the different seasons! I am planning a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow – maybe, I will find something wonderful, too.

    • Hi Diane, I so hope your trip to Hobby Lobby is a fun one…and that you find the perfect object! Remember your coupons will be a nice help, too. Thanks for your comments on my gate decorations Helen

  4. You have given me a serious case of gate envy! You are a lucky duck to have a wooden one – mine is chain link that I try to camo with vining plants. Yours is just fabulous! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

    • Hi Lisa, Have you considered adding a plaque to your gate where you would be able to attach different items for the seasons and have the vines covering most of the chain link if not all of it? Just had that random thought fly through. Hope this helps you brainstorm about the possibilities. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post. Helen

  5. How cute is this. What a great idea to decorate the gate. Love it. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. I adore the gate decor, never would have thought that would be good for that gate, but it looks wonderful…so versitile, if you tire of it you could spray it white for a mid summer look, I love that, I guess you could even paint it white and the bird red, fun fun thanks for the inspirational ideas…

    • Oh Phyllis, I have a great time finding the decorations for our gate. I have a stash of ones already used and also the thrill of the searching for something unexpected. If you Google my blog name and gate decoration, you’ll see several. Thanks for your nice note. Helen

  7. Adorable on the gate, what a neat idea! Now you can change it and dress it up in so many ways! Cute.

    • Patti, thanks for the nice note. Please notify me when you have fixed your “featured” button. It’s a lovely button and I know many of us would love to have it on our blog page. Thanks again, Helen

  8. i am loving your potted boxwoods, this is something i’d like to do. can you email me if there is any specific kind i need (like a dwarf kind, or something) and do you let it grow and be a little unruly so that you can then trim it into a nice round shape? lol, thanks!

    • Hi there! Hmm, I’m not finding a name to address you! Thanks for the lovely remarks about my faux topiaries. Yes, they are fake. I found them everywhere we went in Europe nearly 3 years ago. See this link for my story of what happened…I could not believe they were not the real things. It was difficult finding a reasonable price on the large one by our gate. We’ve had it out in the weather constantly for nearly 2 1/2 years and it has not faded at all. I have somewhat smaller ones on our front porch, too. As dead and bare as most things at here this time of year, the topiaries are priceless. Worth every penny when you consider you can travel without worry that they will be dead when you return. Hope to be able to put a name to your blog next time. Thanks, Helen Here’s the link: http://www.helensdecor.com/european-topiaries-and-usa-topiaries/

  9. What a find Helen! I love anything with birds and it just pops against your gate. Thanks for linking up at Transformed Tuesday this week.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  10. Helen you’re a feature this week on Transformed Tuesday.


    • Peggy, I’m speechless! What a lovely surprise you gave me. Thanks for your great blog and blog party. I really appreciate all you do for our party. Sincerely, Helen

  11. Great decoration for spring and summer. Love the tree’s bright green color.
    Mary Alice

    • Mary Alice, thanks for the wonderful compliment on the new decoration for our gate. I loved the color a lot, too. Also, it was on a half price sale at Hobby Lobby! Loved that a lot! Thanks for leaving me a note. I really appreciate the time you took.

  12. Our gate was so old it began to lean, and lean, and lean…so we had to take it down. Such a great idea to decorate it! One day I’ll have another gate, guess what I’ll do? :)
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

    • Cindy, a few years ago, we had to have our entire deck removed and replace and also the fence. So, while we were making plans for it to be somewhat different than the shadow box fence the original owners had chosen, we decided to go shorter in order to enjoy the heavily wooded yard we had and those of our neighbors within view. Of course at the time, I could not locate the exact one I had been interested in. It was on http://www.bhg.com and I searched and searched for the one. We had to have at least a 4 foot fence around our pool. About that time I decided it would be more private to have the gate somewhat taller than the fence. And so the gate became arched. I simply emailed the link to our contractor and he built it and the rest is history. I so wish all were able to visualize as he can. I have another plan, that I need to copy, before BHG removes it. Lots of great plans there. You’re very welcome and thank you for your kindness. Helen

  13. Hi Helen! OH, your new decoration looks wonderful on your gate! :) Hope you’ve had a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  14. How perfect is that for your gate! I love it and your pumpkin was awesome too. Gotta love that Southern Living…..we just need a bit of inspiration and off we go. So fun. I am visiting from Amaze Me Monday. Blessings!

    • Hi Wanda, thanks for your lovely comments on our gate. Ah, the pumpkin is one of my all time favorites for it. Yeah, Southern Living inspired me more than once. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Helen

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