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Loving Fall Decorations For The Mantle

Surely you can relate to being stumped on what to decorate your mantle with for fall!  Please say, that I’m not the only one agonizing over what to add, keep, take away! DOUBLE CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE,PLEASE!  I do love a decorated mantle, but really struggle as I don’t consider myself an expert on this at all.  

Wow!  At least it started looking up after the canvas from Hobby Lobby was added!  Normally, it sits atop our entertainment center supported by wooden plate holders.  Being a Parisian fan, it’s not surprising that I fell for this print.

Suddenly, I was feeling somewhat better….means that I started grabbing lots of things, that I’m still thankful you cannot see on the floor! What a mess I was making!!!

Really started trying many crazy ideas and I realized how lucky we are to have artifical decorations for the seasons.  Wow!  How did I ever decorate without Ross Dress for Less, Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, Old Time Pottery, and Trees ‘N Trends? 

Many of these items had been used in other years arrangements, and several were new. Still, I’m surprised that the mercury glass pumpkins from Pottery Barn were almost left upstairs! I was frustrated trying to do this asymmetrical arrangement. Just love the idea of it. Quite a change for me from “matchy matchy” times.

To see a photo of how it started out, go to
http://www.facebook.com/HelensDecor and you’ll see it really was totally bare. Well, once the old arrangement was removed. :) Thanks for visiting and please let me know if you follow me on Linky Followers and if you have follow my FB page for my blog. Thanks!

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26 Responses to Loving Fall Decorations For The Mantle

  1. Helllo!

    Thanks for your visit and your kind comment!!
    Love your mantle! Very pretty!!


  2. It’s so hot here I haven’t given Autumn decorating a though, giggle. Your mantel looks lovely. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Sorry I’m a bit slow getting here xo

    • Hi Katie, We’ve had an extremely hot summer here, too. It 70 now and the rains of the past week brought down the temperatures a lot. Might not last; however, our woods are thinking it if fall. Leaving are turning and that means falling leaves will be everywhere soon. Love your “Thursday Favorite Things” hop! Take care and thanks, Helen

  3. Your mantle looks great and that painting is eye candy. Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

  4. Very pretty! Thank you for sharing your mantel decor project at Potpourri Friday!

  5. Helen, your mantle looks so pretty! I also struggle all the time trying to decorate mine. It is not easy! Actually, that is what I have been trying to finish for the last week and I am still not a hundred percent sure about it. For that reason, I only change it for Fall and Christmas and after that, it usually stays the same for the rest of year. I am not good at mantles!

    • Maria, it will look wonderful, when you finish! I agonized over it so much, that I was overjoyed to have it done. Still look at mine like what did I leave out or what didn’t work. Wonder if most of us do that? Thanks for the nice note! Helen

      • Helen, I finally finished mine! I think! LOL Go to my blog and take a look. Let me know what you think! Yes, we all do that! Still thinking what else I should change! LOL

        • Maria, it looks very nice. I’m really liking the blocks a lot. I was wondering where you bought them! They look professional!
          You’re great with paint!

  6. You aptly describe how inspiration can hit us – you do feel better and you do begin to see the whole picture – your artwork was perfect inspiration to create an autumnal still-life surrounding the painting. It is quite lovely! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  7. Your mantel turned out perfect for the Autumn season. Don’t you love discovering all your stashed bargains! Thank you for sharing at TTF last week. I hope you will join us again. Have a terrific day!

    • Hi Diann, First of all thank you for the TTF and the compliments on my mantle. To tell the truth, I was a tad overwhelmed with the number of containers with the Autumn decorations. I’ll be back again soon for TTF. Thanks for your kindness, Helen

  8. HI Helen! Oh, your mantel is looking all Falled up and very pretty. The painting is a great back drop!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Hi Shelia! Glad to see you here. Thanks for the lovely remarks on the mantle and the print on canvas from Hobby Lobby. Wish it were a painting! It grabbed my attention and had to come home with me that moment. Thanks, Helen

  9. Looks lovely!

  10. Beautiful Fall mantel!! I love all the details! And, yes, what did we do before those stores?? :)

  11. I adore using things that I already have. It lookes lovely!

    • Hi Jen, Glad you like the mantle. It’s so easy when you have items you love on hand to use. In truth, I hid some from myself..must be in a hidden tub! :) Thanks, Helen

  12. Pretty mantel. I found you at 52 Mantel’s Link Party. Now following you via Linky Followers :)

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