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My Copycat Table Idea

Remember all the excitement over the 2013 HGTV SmartHome in Jacksonville, Florida! Surely you do. Bob and I spent hours taking it all in and enjoyed it beyond words. The citizens of Jacksonville were very welcoming to us and were thrilled to show the home that was gathering loads of attention for their beautiful area. We were honored to visit during that special time. The photo below is one of my favorite views of the dining room table.


Right away my mind clicked into overdrive, because I was unable to find a supply list of the contents. And of course there I was thinking the gorgeous glass candleholders would be very difficult to find. Yes, even thinking they might have to be special ordered, etc. There was no concern over the urn as Bob and I had purchased two on one of our trips to Colonial Williamsburg about three years ago. My thoughts kept going as I really wanted to get a reasonable price on those beautiful glass candleholders.


This morning, I’ve found myself scrolling back and forth to view the HGTV dining table photo,that I took in May. I’ve been trying to get an idea of just how many candlesticks this copycat look would require to look great. Now, there’s Christmas coming and there’s been a leap from August to December here in Tennessee! Notice that mirrored tray those gorgeous HGTV holders are placed on. My plan is to take my favorite tablescape plan that is to use an oval mirror….ah yes, it’s an inexpensive one at that! It’s been used for many Thanksgivings and many Christmas dinner celebrations. Visualize my oval mirror on the table with those copycat candleholders on Christmas Eve! The mirror was actually one I stumbled upon and I’ve loved it for years. Not fancy….in fact there’s usally greenery that can be draped around the oval frame to make it prettier.

You might even have a perfume tray, that would work well on your dining table or sideboard.

There you have it…all except where those glass candlesticks can be located. Well, of course that is a secret, that I certainly love sharing…Hobby Lobby! It’s a place that’s difficult to stay away for long. If you’re crazy about that grand store, like most of us are, who love home decor, you are there how many times a week….two, three or more.

See how friendly our photos are to us. Snapping photos in the stores assure the companies that we love what they sell. And that is music to their ears. If that top photo had not been taken, perhaps it would have been a time when the details were fixed in my mind and other times maybe too much info ran together. The photos on this page were taken with my iPad and it’s easy to carry shopping.

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20 Responses to My Copycat Table Idea

  1. Helen, what a great post! Those candlesticks have such a beautiful color. Thank you for sharing where to find them. I never in a million years would of thought of putting an urn on top of the table, but it sure makes for a gorgeous vignette. Great inspiration!:)

    • Maria, The candlesticks the designer/designers selected were such an unexpected color, but yet so right. One of the urns, that I mentioned in this post, is on top of the Chippendale chest in our family room with a faux hydrangea inside. Thanks, Helen

  2. Helen, I saw this vignette and instantly fell in love. The oyster shells in the urns and the color of the candlesticks are beautiful. Thanks for linking to the Open House party!

    • Sherry, I loved it when we were there in May…also instantly and because it is very unique. I’m thinking fall or Christmas might have something other than shells in the urn. Thanks for visiting…see you soon at the party! Helen

  3. Wow! I am glad you found where to get them, Helen. They are beautiful!…Christine

    • Wow,Christine, I just remembered you have family in Florida. Sure hope you got to tour the 2013 HGTV SmartHome. It was outstanding and so near Jacksonville Beach, too. I enjoyed seeing your tablescape post today. Thanks, Helen

  4. Oooh….so beautiful…..love the candleholders…the urn….all the textures/subtle play of colors…..and love that it was an homage to the HGTV inspiration home……just delightful!!!


    • Lana, so great to have you visiting my blog. The HGTV designers did the selections; however, we were there touring and had permission to take photos. The candleholders are even more lovely in person. I’ll be over soon to visit your blog, too.


  5. HAHAHA. I was just fixing to tell you where to get the candlesticks but you figured it out for yourself. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Hi F Troy, I’m taking it, that you have seen the candlesticks at Hobby Lobby, too! Right? The first photo is of the finished product the HGTV designers completed. Did you also tour the SmartHome this year? Thanks, Helen

  6. Helen, these accessories are so beautiful! The colors are really pretty!

    • Shenita, I totally agree with you on the beauty of the accessories. The HGTV SmartHome 2013 is a lovely styled beach area home. The designer/designers used excellent color shades throughout the house, garage and backyard features. Thanks for leaving me a note. Helen

  7. Glad you found the candlesticks. I often use my phone to take photos of items in stores. It helps me remember where I’ve seen something I might want to go back for and what the price is. So handy!

    • Sarah, I was thrilled when I found the candlesticks and like you I usually have my Droid ready to make photos. I’ve recently been using my iPad for photos and love that I can get a larger area of the seasonal items. And it really does help to remember what shop I’ve found that one or lots of items. Thanks, Helen

  8. That’s a marvelously beautiful tabletop – you found some amazingly close candlesticks! I can’t wait to see your finished table – I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  9. Helen, I adore those glass candlesticks! Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. I hope to see you again tomorrow at the blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    • Oh, Kathryn, that makes two of us. You’re very welcome…I loved sharing the great ideas from the 2013 SmartHome in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Thanks again for all you do for readers and bloggers alike. Helen

  10. Love the oyster shells in the urn…so unique! I’ve seen oyster shell mirrors and they are beautiful…pricey too!

    • Cindy, I’m glad that you like the oyster shells in the urn. It took me a while to realize that they had been made into flowers. I especially like that the arrangement adds much to the formality of the dining room in a coastal home that’s very near the beach. Hope you have a great Sunday. Helen

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