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Our Foyer Looking Toward The Front Door

Sunday evening, I posted a photo of a new fall decoration, that was the last one of its kind at Garden Ridge. Quickly, it was obvious that this was no leftover as in nobody wanted it. Here’s the photo tease I gave on my Facebook blog’s page.

Want to guess where this lovely was when the photo was taken? For starters, if you have shopped more than once at Garden Ridge, I’d imagine you have noticed that that white and orange writing is actually not wallpaper at all. Actually, it’s the Garden Ridge bag, that was laying in my car’s trunk at just the right angle to be a teaser. Yes, there’s a little bit of fun in this one.


So there it was hanging with lots of fall stuff. Yes, I said it and will say again, “stuff”…meaning nothing else jumped out to grab my attention and interest at all. Well, yes, some of it had been reduced and there was this lovely without a single hint of a price tag or even a percentage reduction. It was love…I really, really needed this gorgeous wreath, , that was a gentle reminder of the birdcage decorated for fall at Hobby Lobby, that I decided might not make me smile like this wreath of similar colors. So, the sweet and kind staff began to locate a price for me. There was nothing to let them know what it should have been marked originally…not a thing. Then and there, nicely I explained (hope they thought it was nicely explained), that this drop dead gorgeous large wreath had to be on that door. The nice staff looked and suddenly the lady came back with my wreath and with it she had a totally different wreath than my lovely wanted wreath. And she had a tag for that much more contemporary silver wreath!

The look on my face was probably something akin to the likes of what people looked like ages ago on “Candid Camera”…yeah, it’s nice but I want beautiful one. So suddenly, I’m dashing to the car and feeling as if I were a thief dashing away. And something about how well, that bag sheltered my prized find as it laid inside that trunk. Seriously, there’s little doubt, that the price paid by likely a third or less than the actual original price. Notice again how wide and full my prize is. And when it jumped out of the bag at home and screamed hang me on that door inside. (The critters would have had my prize for lunch if on the outside!) Just goes to show, sometimes we find the exact thing, that we did not even have a clue we were searching for all that time.


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4 Responses to Our Foyer Looking Toward The Front Door

  1. I love it when I get a bargain on something I really, really want! It looks lovely, Helen! Enjoy it!

    • Kim, I’m not at all surprised that you also love a bargain. And I also love your “Kitchen Tour ~ A Before and After” and I’d love to have mine look just like it. I’m going to be back again and again to study it. 😉 Thanks for visiting!

  2. Great story on how you got this pretty wreath. Looks beautiful in the foyer. http://www.lovemysimplehome.blogspot.ca/2013/10/my-rusty-find.html

    • Julie, I’m not surprised that you find the wreath to be pretty, too. I loved it from first sight and especially liked that there was no orange in it. Even though, I’m a fan of orange, I just didn’t want the foyer wreath to have orange in it. Love your recent rusty find, too. It’s great in your kitchen. :) Thanks for visiting today!

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