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Time For A Fall Look On The Garden Gate

What a lovely day today in SE Tennessee! Oh, the beauty in these mountains we are seeing everywhere and especially on our heavily wooded acre. It’s reminding us of our first winter here and that 17 inches of snow. Yeah! A real shock for flatlanders from Houston, Texas!

Check out this gate with no decoration whatsoever….looks sad, doesn’t it? We have gotten so accustomed to having a decoration on that gate..that bare just doesn’t work. A few weeks ago, there were pumpkins in a pale yellow identical except for the color of the ones Bob and I found at Tuesday Morning this afternoon!

Immediately, Bob began working to get the butterfly down and get the new metal art aka “the pumpkin” up before going to workout at the Y. Well, while he was working, I saw our huge oak showing up as a rust colored tree. Snapped to get the view of it and got Bob, too.

The colors are just wonderful and I’m hoping you can see the variety and shades.

How amazing it is to see this gate look more inviting with the variety of decorations, that we have used over the past couple of years. It’s now a challenge to locate something unique each time. We have found it another way to say “welcome to our home” without a sound. Southern Living gave us this idea years ago and we’ve enjoyed that first look for a long time. It’s fun to shop for something else and the past 6 months my eyes have been working overtime to find more ideas.

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12 Responses to Time For A Fall Look On The Garden Gate

  1. Helen, your gate looks so pretty all decorated for Fall!!! Your guys do such a beautiful job every season. It sure screams “Welcome”!

    • Maria, I had to laugh seeing all the leaves on the ground by the gate area. They are falling like a steady rain. Thanks for the compliment on our gate….now I wonder why we waited so long to add something to that plain gate. Helen

  2. What a lovely gate, and it’s so pretty with the pumpkin…love that pumpkin!
    Debbie :)

    • Debbie, Thanks for the nice compliment on our gate and the new pumpkin from Tuesday Morning. I understand how you can love it..I was unable to forget it after the first time I had laid eyes on it. Even better now that I waited and actually got this one with orange in it instead of all yellow. It looks better to me than the way I had visualized it. Thanks again for dropping by, Helen

  3. your gate is lovely. Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy weekend wishes xo

  4. Love your fence pumpkin and your gate!

    • Thanks, Pamela! You know sometimes we just know where something belongs the second we see it. I knew weeks ago and should have bought it then. It does seem this stack of the pumpkins had a more realistic shade of orange-yellow rather than pale yellow earlier. The gate design is one, that I found online at BHG.com.

  5. Helen, this flat land native Houstonian got a good laugh out of your post. It is a beautiful area and your gate does indeed look welcoming now.

    • Hi Michele, thanks for the great laugh on my post you provided me, too. Nice that you have visited. I’ll drop by your blog soon, too. Glad you like the gate decoration, too. Thanks, Helen

  6. Hi Helen,
    I like your pumpkin on the gate. It looks very inviting and very nice for this time of year. Thank you for sharing this at my HOME and enjoy your weekend.


    • Hi Sand, I’m thrilled that you like our gate decoration. We are very pleased with it, too. I loved participating in your “HOME” post. Thanks, Helen

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